Day Two: Outside, Evening (March 29, 1925)

They finally returned, and while the mass of people were dealing with items and otherwise keeping occupied getting down and other things down, he was left with going to fetch the masses to get their items and requests. Poking his head in the door, he cleared his throat and raised his voice as loud as possible.

"We're back! Come get your stuff!"
Looking at you

Day Two: Outside, Afternoon (March 29, 1925)

Having collected what she was looking for, Cloud waited outside the door for Squall, mentally going over the inventory. They were rather low on phoenix downs, and wondered if there was a substitute on this world for them, or if any of the others had one. They were too useful to waste meaninglessly, but it would be good for others to know about them if needed.

Hells, they needed to have a big sit down and have a long talk about this. Everyone. Especially those with various magics and such to their names. Best to have an idea of what to be able to expect.

Still holding a summons that she had snagged from the box while digging through it, she rolled it in her fingers, feeling the fluffy tickle in her mind that said Chocomog to her.
clock work angel

Day Two: Attic, Afternoon (March 29, 1925)

She slid into her room, glad no one was around to see how she leaned on the walls for support. Digging through her mostly empty box she found a smaller box, heavy and full of potential.

About the size of a good pair of boots, the box was crammed full of cards. Picking it up she headed back down stairs, pulling on reserves to make it look like she wasn't nearly as tired as she was.

Day Two: Second Floor, Afternoon (March 29, 1925)

Boredom was already kicking in for the knight. She rolled over and went to her door and opened it, peering out into the hall. No one was out in the hall...Steiner heard Ms. MArie call for Robert, then she snuck across the hall and to an empty room facing the front yard and opened the window and leaned out some to see what was going on outside. She blinked as she saw the large birds.

"Chocobo?" she asked to no one in particular.

Part of her wanted to run down and investigate them to see if they were a breed of chocobo, but the other part of her said she was banished to her room and shouldn't even be out of it! She stopped herself from scratching. Maybe she could just watch from here.

Day Two: First Floor, Afternoon (March 29, 1925)

Going over the wants she had copied all onto one paper, Marie was pleased to hear the sound of birds heading up the path. Oh, good, he was on time. She still had to decide on who to go besides the had to boy and Robert. She wasn't really sure if she wanted anyone else to go. Well, nothing like last mintue decisions.

Collecting a few things, she went to meet the man, giving a yell for Robert, knowing some of the others would most likely come to investigate.

Heading out the door, seeing the birds, she wondered if she should warn the others about Ralphie, then she was scooped up and had a flash of feathers before she was dipped and kissed.

Nope, where was the fun in warning people, she though, curling her arms around Ralphie and keeping herself from falling over. Much more fun to watch people flail.

Once he pulled back, though didn't let her stand back up, she grinned. "Hello, Ralphie," she said, looking his black feathers over. "You are looking well groomed. Tricked yourself into a new 'friend'?"

He grinned back. "If only you would agree to come home with me," he teased back. "Then I wouldn't eternally be looking for companionship. But, alas, you only want me for my birds."

"Sorry, birdy-boy. You're amazing ego leave only room for one of us in the relationship, and I don't think I would win."

Ah, it was good to see old friends.

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Day Two: Basement, Morning(March 29, 1925)

Muraki twitched,  her eyes hazy as she stared at the material. Somehow during the night she had wrapped herself around a pillow, shifting to sit up, she gripped the mattress edge for a moment. A slight ache in her skull but nothing horrible, fumbling for her glasses, she returned them to their rightful place perched on her nose. Groaning as she stretched, bones popping, small wings even reaching outwards, she padded to the door in sockclad feet. Mornings... delightful... Recoiling at the scent of smoke wafting her way as she trekked up the stairs.

Day Two: Yard (March 29, 1925)

She walked out until she had enough room around her to freely move, then stopped, willing the restlessness into focus. Shed, ax, wood, fire.

It was easy enough to find the ax, the blade sharp. There was a stack of wood already, so she just set up a few logs and started swinging, letting the pull of muscles and strain of tendons work their magic. She was out of shape, her body a foreign territory. She'd master it the way she had as a struggling cadet, beat it into submission until it worked like the well crafted machine it was.

Her balance was off, her center of gravity shifted, her strength distributed awkwardly.

It didn't matter, she'd only learn by moving. Best to move and sweat.
Pretty in Pink

Day Two: Attic, Morning (March 29, 1925)

The dreams in the night had been half-formed, restless things, enough to make her toss and turn, but not wake.  It was her body's needs that woke her, the slow roil of stomach that had begun nagging her.  Quistis curled up on her side and fought the nasuea, there was not enough in her stomach to lose.

Just hormones... just feedback from too many changes hapening too fast. She told herself, her jaw clamped shut.  It will pass... it will... 

Today it seemed that her body was half-cooperating, though she'd had to swallow hard once or twice.  Quistis gathered her clothes and small toilet kit and went looking for a washroom, before her stomach decided to protest again.

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